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A Vampire Diaries Prompt Community

Welcome to tvd_prompts, a new prompt community for the series "The Vampire Diaries".

The purpose of this community is to provide challenges in the form of various different prompts. It's meant to be a fun community designed as a way to help trigger muses and hopefully help many through such things as writer's block and artistic stymies. Weekly prompts will be posted every Monday, and those who wish to participate may do so. Prompt responses can be in the form of fic, art and vids.

In order for this community to be successful people must actively participate in the challenges. Once you join please feel free to read through previous prompts and respond to them if you are so inclined. Thank you!


1. Please Be Respectful! This community is meant to be a safe place for all fans of the series. All fans deserve to feel comfortable to share their works here no matter what pairing, kink or characters they like. Bashing of any kind is strictly prohibited. If you are found doing so you will be removed from the community without notice.

2. Challenges and prompts for this community will be in many different forms including such things as word prompts, art prompts and picture prompts to name but a few.

3. New prompts will be issued every Monday and every Friday will be a "free play" day in which the prompt will be to create something using the episode presently airing. Some of these prompts will be detailed and others will not. Feel free to answer some of them or all of them.

4. As a way to encourage participation and give this group more of a community feel to it the last Wednesday of every month will be a special "Collaboration Day". On this day members will be able to share their own ideas for prompts, tips and tricks to break out of creative blocks, favorite links and much more. It will be sort of a "community theme" day in which topics will be listed for discussions, sharing and helping others.

5. If you are posting fic: all posts must contain fic or links to fic. Please do not link to locked entries. If you include your fic in the body of a post please be sure to place it behind a LiveJournal cut tag.

6. If you are posting art: please place artwork behind an LJ cut. If you would like to post a teaser or small thumbnails they are permitted outside of the LJ cut as long as you limit them to approximately 2 to 4.

7. If you are posting vids: you may either embed the video into your post or provide a direct link to it.

8. For each of your prompt responses please make a separate post to the community using the form below. Fill out all applicable areas and feel free to add others.

9. Please include spoiler warnings if any of your works contain spoilers for the new season being aired. Thank you!

10. ALL Vampire Diaries pairings are permitted here, as well as ALL real person pairings for the series. This means that there may be material of an adult nature posted here: slash, het and gen related works are all acceptable. Please make sure to label your work appropriately if it is of an adult nature.

11. Fanworks based on the real actors and actresses of the series is welcome in this community. This means that real person fic, vids and art is also permitted.

12. Any fic or artwork posted to the community is the property of its creator. Any attempts to take another person's work and claim it as your own is considered plagiarism and will not be tolerated in this community.

13. Promoting of other communities is permitted as long as you first seek permission from the mod. If you are promoting a community please keep your graphics at a manageable size (400x300 is the maximum size allowable) anything larger should be placed behind a LJ cut.

14. There are a set of tags already available for the community that you may use to tag your posts. New tags will be created as they are needed. If you would like to suggest or request a tag then please leave a comment here. Thank you!

15. Most importantly have fun!

For more clarification on the rules please refer to the community FAQ located here. If your question is not answered there then please either reply to the post or feel free to contact me at bluebirdstears@yahoo.com anytime. Thank you!


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If you are interested in affiliating then please comment here. Thank you!

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